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Our beautifully crafted mouldings are designed to be applied to the surface of any project whether that be a door, wall, storage chest or anything else one can imagine.

Beechcraft not only offers the below "stock" profiles, but also has numerous other custom profiles available or can help create your very own custom profile.

• Plant and Overlay Mouldings are order by United Inches.

• Plant Mouldings are completely assembled.

Plant Moulding Profile Diagrams

Plant Moulding 1
Plant Moulding 3
Plant Moulding 5
Plant Moulding 2
Plant Moulding 4




Constructed with Plant Moulding #1 - Completely Assembled!

Crossbucks in sets of four.


  • 14" X 14" X 20"
  • 11" X 11" X 16"


A more intracate and luxurious custom pllant profile moulding offered in three(3) different sizes:

  • 7/16" thick X 1-1/8" wide (Plant #7)
  • 7/16" thick X 1-1/2" wide (Plant #9)
  • 3/4" thick X 2-1/2" wide (Plant #10)

Eased Edge Mouldings

Custom Plant Moulding with 1/8" Eased 2 Edge configuration (Plant #12)

Custom Plant Mouldings

We have multiple tooling variations for Custom Plant Profile Mouldings or we can help you create your own!

Attention Builders - We can also run custom base, casing, chair rail, and radius trim profile packages.

Contact our customer service department for more information.