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Internal Blinds

Doorlites with Internal Blinds

• Raise • Lower • Tilt •

Available in White Frame Only.

Dust Free!

White metal shade sealed between panes of tempered glass.

Raise and lower blind with Single-Hand operation!

Cordless operation - safe for pets and children.

Light and Privacy control with Fingertip adjustment.

Side channels eliminate light gaps when blinds are closed.

Screw-hole plugs supplied with each unit.

OSM is 1-7/8" over glass/order size.

Vinyl/Co-Polymer Frame Finishing Instructions:
Paint within 45 days of installation using only an exterior grade light-colored acrylic latex paint. Stainmate products accept paint, stain or artists oil. An exterior grade finish coat or sealer must be applied if stained.
Caution: Painting this frame a dark color and/or installing behind a storm door can cause heat damage not covered by warranty.

Sizes: 22 X 36 • 22 X 64

Made In The USA

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