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Beechcraft Products, Inc is a wholesale manufacturer of wood and PVC doorlites, wood louvers and plant mouldings to the door industry. We also serve building contractors with volume purchases. End users and home owners are encouraged to ask your supplier whether they use the high-quality door lites and louvers from Beechcraft Products, Inc.

Originally established in Flint, Michigan during 1958, Beechcraft Products was purchased by Richard and Dorothy Misner in 1972. They moved the business to it's current location at 1100 North Saginaw Street, Durand, MI. As a family business, they have worked to produce the highest quality wood and PVC products for the building trades industry. We now have a second generation operating Beechcraft Products with new owners, Kathy and Mike Gillett.

Beechcraft Products specializes in wood doorlites, applied plant mouldings and louvers for flush doors. Our wood products are available in West Coast Alder, Red Oak, Mahogany, Poplar, Aspen and White Maple. You may also order your doorlite in PVC (polyvinyl chloride). We have metal door lites in limited sizes. See our Doorlites Page for more information.

Doorlites are available in single-lites and divided-lites. We will manufacture any size or layout needed for your project. Shaped lites are available in circle, oval, octagon, arched sunburst, and cross. Divided lites are available in many design combinations.

Glass for door lites may be ordered in 1/8", 1/4", 3/16", 1/2" and 1 inch insulated glass. You may also select from a wide variety of tints, textures (reed glass, acid-etched/frosted, rain) and low-e glass.

Louvers available in chevron, flat-slat privacy, flat-slat, and wide-slat for greater free air space. We also make a decorative false louver to enhance the look of a plain door. You can order louvers in custom sizes to fit your needs. Please visit our Louvers Page for more information and free air space calculator.

Plant mouldings are available in wood and PVC to finish your doors to match the doorlite or louver frame you have selected. We also have a crossbuck moulding to enhance your door and create the style for you.

Beechcraft Products, Inc. has available a number of other products including internal mullions or muntin bars, internal blinds and removable grilles or grids.

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